Welcome to the Academic Society for Student-Run Healthcare Clinics


This organization is a collaborative effort - its purpose is to share ideas and documents.

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Across the country students have recognized the demand for clinics to provide care for the under and uninsured. These clinics provide an essential service to their communities, create an environment for enriched education, and are the breeding grounds to inspire future health care professionals of all types to become life-long patient advocates.

From a clinic's founding to its daily operations every clinic faces a unique, but similar set of circumstances and challenges. In order to help meet these challenges and maximize the educational benefit to volunteers, we propose to form a national organization of medical students, physicians, and other health care providers who care for patients through student-run clinics.

  • Provide a forum for sharing strategies, resources, and ideals
  • Give a voice to advocates of the under and uninsured
  • Improve patient care, education, and research in student-run clinics
  • Ensure the continuity of collaborations among student-run clinics

  • To become a network of student-run clinics who collaborate throughout the year and hold at least one annual meeting to bring together, learn from, and inspire those involved or seeking to be involved in a student run clinic.